Correctable Violations

If you were issued a citation for a vehicle equipment violation, you may qualify for a reduced fine of $10 when you provide a valid proof of correction of the violation.  The following vehicle equipment violations are eligible to be reduced:
  • License Plates (5200 VC)
  • Registration Tabs (5204a VC)
  • Windshield (26700 VC)
  • Windshield Wipers (26706 VC)
  • Mirrors (26709 VC)
  • Fuel Tank Cap (27155 VC)
  • Tire Tread (27465b VC)
  • Bumpers (28071 VC)

To be eligible for a reduced fine for the violations noted above, you must pay the reduced fine and provide valid proof that the violation has been corrected within 21 days of the citation issuance or within 14 days of the issuance of a parking violation reminder notice.

Valid proof of correction can be obtained by having an officer from the Chico Police Department, Butte County Sheriff's Department, or Butte County Highway Patrol Office inspect the vehicle and attest via signature on the citation or reminder notice that the violation has been corrected.  Please note that a photo showing correction of the violation will not be recognized as proof of correction.

Mailing Address:

Office of Parking Violations
City of Chico
P. O. Box 11113
San Jose, CA 95103-1113


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