Payment Plan Information

You may enroll your citations in a monthly payment plan within 60 days of issuance, or within 10 days of an administrative hearing determination. The timeline for completion and minimum monthly amounts due are based on the total amount enrolled in a payment plan. There may be a processing fee for payment plans.

Payment Plans are not available for citations on vehicles that are currently booted or towed.

Print the Payment Plan Application Form, fill it out and mail to the address listed on the form.


Submitting Monthly Payments

Payments must be received no later than the monthly due date or you will be in default of the payment plan.

Payments may be made online or by mail.

Payment Plan payments may not be made using the IVR/phone system. Payments made using the IVR will not be recorded as Payment Plan payments and you may be in default of the Payment Plan.

Checks or money orders are accepted, no cash please. Write the citation(s) and license plate number on the check or money order.

Monthly payment reminders will not be sent. You are encouraged to set up your own payment reminders.

If you default on your payment plan, and don't follow the payment arrangements, the total amount of the citation plus any penalties are due immediately and must be paid.


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