Inability to pay

Pursuant to the California Vehicle Code (40215), the individual requesting an administrative hearing of a parking violation shall deposit the amount of the parking penalty with the city.  In the event that an individual is unable to pay the parking penalty and can provide satisfactory proof to the City of his/her inability to pay the amount due, the City may waive the deposit requirement. 

To apply for a hardship waiver, you must provide the requested documentation at the same time you make a request for an administrative hearing.   Failure to provide sufficient or correct information will result in a determination of ineligibility for this waiver.  If requesting a waiver you must provide a copy of a current Federal Income Tax Return (form 1040 / 1040A) and any additional approved income documentation demonstrating you qualify for a hardship waiver based upon the following requirements:


Hardship Qualification Requirements for 2017

185% Federal Poverty Level

Total Number of Dependents

Annual Gross Income:

















For each additional dependent, add



To verify income, in addition to a current Federal Income Tax Return individuals shall submit any of the following additional documents that apply to the individual(s):

1.  2016/17 Letter 1722 from the IRS for non-income adults (1-800-829-1040)

2.  2016/17 Verification of Social Security Benefits (SSA) (1-800-772-1213)

3.  2016/17 Verification of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) (1-800-772-1213)

4.  2016/17 Welfare of General Assistance eligibility (Notice of Action / Income Verification)

5.  2016/17 Documentation of Unemployment form Employment Development Department (EDD) (408-436-5600)

Note: If your annual gross income is such that you are not required by the Internal Revenue Service to file a Federal Income Tax return, then you must submit any of the documents listed 1 through 5 to substantiate your Hardship Waiver Request.

The information you provide will assist the City in deciding whether you qualify for a waiver of the pre-payment requirement.  Please do not send original documents.  The documents you provide will not be returned to you. 

The hardship waiver program is voluntary and waivers are only granted to allow the requestor the ability to schedule an Administrative Hearing without having to deposit the assessed penalty.  If a hardship waiver is granted and the requestor is subsequently found liable during the Administrative Hearing all fines, penalties and fees must be paid. 


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