UC Los Angeles - Correctable Violations

If you were issued a citation for violation of 5200 - 5202, missing or improperly displayed license plates, or 5204, missing, expired or improperly displayed registration tabs, you must provide valid proof of correction with your citation or notice. Valid proof of correction can be obtained at the DMV, CHP or the Marshal's Inspection Office. These agencies may charge a fee for providing this service. Paying the service fee does not constitute payment of the fine. Payment of the fine must be made following the instructions provided below. You may also go to UCPD located at 601 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095. Proof of Correction must include the following: 1. Section Violated 2. Authorized Signature 3. I.D. No. 4. Agency 5. Date 6. Department Authenticity stamp (Proof of Correction will not be accepted without stamp) Mail the proof of correction along with $10.00 to the address listed below within 21 days of the issue date of your citation or 14 days of the mailing date of your notice. Upon verification, your violation will be reduced to $10.00. The mailing address is listed below: Please note that a photocopy of your registration or picture of your front plate will not be recognized as proof of correction. Mailing Address UCLA Citation Review Office 555 Westwood plaza, Suite 100 Los Angeles, Ca 90095-1354 California Vehicle Code Section: 40614. Any person who signs a notice to correct or a certificate of correction with a false or fictitious name is guilty of a misdemeanor. 40616. Any person willfully violating a written promise to correct or willfully failing to deliver proof of correction of violation is guilty of a misdemeanor.


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